SOET is Spandoc’s monthly subscription programme for doctors and other health professionals who want to:

√ Practise and broaden their knowledge of Medical English, and/or

√ Prepare for the Occupational English Test (OET)

SOET builds on all that has been taught in the SD programme and puts it into practice through:

√ Face-to-face online sessions

√ Full OET-type tests with feedback

We encourage all doctors and other health professionals with an advanced level of English to join the SOET programme, to deepen their knowledge and practice their medical English, whether or not they plan to sit the OET exam.

Spandoc is the first official premium preparation provider for OET in Spain.

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    Student opinions

    • Excellent

      “Excellent experience.”
    • Enjoy

      “I truly enjoy the campus and conversation sessions. I am learning a lot. Thank you”
    • Useful

      “I feel very confortable with the teachers and classmates, and, in my opinion, the conversation sessions are very useful to improve our confidence in speaking.”
    • Good job

      “Good job! Thank you for your support to improve my English!”
    • Comfortable

      “I feel very comfortable with my classmates and with the teachers. They are very pro-active and friendly.”

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