SOET is Spandoc’s monthly subscription programme for doctors and other health professionals who want to:

• Practise and broaden their knowledge of Medical English, and/or

• Prepare for the Occupational English Test (OET)

The level of English required for the course is Advanced.


SOET builds on all that has been taught in the SD programme and puts it into practice through:

• Face-to-face online sessions

• Full OET-type tests with feedback

Also, SOET provides new learning tools in the form of recorded and written lessons and exercises to improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

We encourage all doctors and other health professionals with an advanced level of English to join the SOET programme, to deepen their knowledge and practice their medical English, whether or not they plan to sit the OET exam.

Spandoc is the first official premium preparation provider for OET in Spain.

SOET is the last programme of the Spandoc Journey subscription, so if you have not completed the previous programmes, we recommend that you start HERE.

Otherwise, or if you need to pass the OET exam within the next 20 months, keep reading.

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Las etapas de El Camino de Spandoc


• Clases en videos de 10 minutos
• Todos los niveles


• Textos y escenas de la vida médica en inglés comentado en formato bilingüe, con audios, videos y ejercicios
• Todos los niveles

Medical Conversation

• Clases grupales en Zoom de 1 hora
• Disponibles dos días a la semana


• Para graduados de SD
• Acceso libre a Medical Conversation y a SD
• Nivel Intermedio Alto o Avanzado

Clases individuales

• Sesiones de 20 minutos apilables
• Todos los niveles


• Programa completo para preparar el examen OET o profundizar en el inglés médico
• Nivel Avanzado