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1.- Choose the wrong sentence:


2.- The doctor said to his patient Mr Foster: (CHOOSE 1 WRONG ANSWER)


3.- Mr Belly has a history of surgery for his hiatus hernia. The date of his operation was 25th October 2010. What happened on that day? (CHOOSE 2 CORRECT ANSWERS)


4.- Which of these sentences is wrong:


5.- Choose 2 right sentences: 


6.- A medical student sat for a Pharmacology exam of 100 multiple-choice questions. She got 93 questions right. We can say she got a good: 


7.- Spot the sentences that you should NOT use in your CV or job interview: (CHOOSE 2 ANSWERS)


8.- One of the main symptoms of atopic dermatitis is: (CHOOSE 2 ANSWERS)


9.- About 20% of the population of a country are aged over 65. This means: (CHOOSE 2 ANSWERS)


10.- Only one of these sentences is correct: 


11.- In which of these cases is “recall” NOT used correctly? 


12.- A common name given by patients to the document signed by the doctor advising that they should refrain from work (in Spanish called “baja laboral”) is: 


13.- Which of these sentences are correct? (CHOOSE 2 ANSWERS)


14.- Choose the correct sentence:


15.- Which 2 sentences are correct: 


16.- Which of the following translations is incorrect? 


17.- One of these uses of deliver is incorrect: 


18.- What would you NOT say when presenting a patient in a clinical meeting?


19.- Which two of the following words are spelt correctly?


20.- Which two of these sentences are correct?:


21.- Which of these phrases is not a description of pain?


22.- Which is the least likely sentence to be found in a clinical record? (CHOOSE 1 ANSWER)


23.- Which of these statements are correct?: (CHOOSE 2 ANSWERS)


24.- Which of these phrases means to accompany someone or something? (CHOOSE 2 ANSWERS)


25.- Which of these uses of to meet best translates as “satisfacer”? 


26.- Read the following sentence carefully:
“The media of the patient who showed full gait recovery was 18 days”
What is wrong with this sentence? 


27.- Find the word to fill the space in the sentence: The patient ___ on the couch when I asked him to do so.


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